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Mission Statement

C2PM's mission is to maintain our record of providing outstanding quality and consistent delivery of projects on time and under budget.

C2PM brings proactive management and client-focused attention to solving complex problems. Because our administration is streamlined, C2PM can respond quickly and render services in an efficient and timely manner. We take pride in our flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to our clients' needs. Our broad-based experience in public works and heavy construction projects has proven to be a valuable resource for our clients.

C2PM manages projects with a high level of professionalism to achieve quality standards and ensure smooth execution of all aspects of our services.

C2PM's seasoned professionals are highly sensitive to project cost and time issues, enabling our clients to receive maximum benefit through the implementation of state-of-the-art project control methods, management and operations implementation.

C2PM is a professional consulting firm specializing in a full spectrum of program management, construction management, and related construction support services for Public Works Infrastructure, Transportation, Aviation, Maritime, Federal, Water and Wastewater projects.
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